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Bearbeitet von Rainbine 9545: 3/4/2024 6:23:47 AM
I’ll give my opinion, it “might” have to go to the hive But it seems you forgot the vex, now I’ll give you this the vex would probably have trouble with the hive via peracasul energy that they have But… The fallen they are genius, as they have hacked into vex tech, which is impressive So I will rank it like this Vex: the teacher (cause they can (with a lot of effort) handle peracasul energy via saint 14 evidence) Hive: the book smart genius Fallen: the street smart genius Cabal: the one type who punches the teacher and the smart book for money Oh and for the “god” as much as it would be mostly them carrying the hive I decided to put them in their own list Oryx, head teacher Savathun, deputy head Xivu, the one crazy physical education teacher

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