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2/24/2024 6:20:59 AM
15 there a way to play the Red War, Osiris and Warmind campaigns?

I already finished the witch queen, beyond light and the shadowkeep campaign, they for me, but I feel like there's somethings missing in the game, and I'm not surprised to say the least to learn that there are [i]three[/i] campaigns that Bungo removed for god knows why reason. So is there's anyway to play it? do I need to come Bungie's HQ and play it on one of their computers or something? or do I have sit down and pray to whatever God out there that Bungo would add the campaign again at some point in my life? I want to experience the game in full. and watching a playthrough wouldn't do justice for me, It'll just make me even more curious and more desperate to try it.

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