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2/28/2024 9:46:24 PM

Something to Hope In (fan lore)

Here's just a really small sweet little moment between Eris and Drifter🥺💕 Eris wrapped her arms around the Drifter in a gentle embrace, holding him close with his head nestled beneath her chin. An uncontrollable smile spread across Eris's face as the Drifter's hair softly tickled along her lips. She pulled the him closer, the warmth of his skin soaking against her neck, stirring emotions of comfort and joy deep in her heart. Eris lowered her face, bringing it to bury in the Drifter's hair, enjoying the way it delicately tickled her skin. The Drifter's lips curled upward in response as he clung to Eris, his arms circled tightly around her body, keeping them together. Despite everything Eris Morn and the Drifter had suffered in their long pain filled lives, they finally found consolation- something to cling to, something to hope in. They stayed that way, clinging to one another in comforting silence, for a while longer. Each relying and putting their trust in the other, knowing that together they would endure all the hardships life threw at them.
#lore #destiny2

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