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2/27/2024 9:04:45 PM

De-Prioritizing Hunter strand Melee catch.

I've recently had reignited frustrations with the hunter strand melee and it choosing to catch the spike instead of grapple melee when I'm using my grapple grenade build. Outside of binding Melee and charged melee separately, does anyone know of a way to have your grapple melees always be priotitized over catching the spike? It has become incredibly annoying to have thrown my needle for damage, grapple in to punch a big enemy, and whiff the melee because my character chooses to catch their spike. I'm on controller so inputs are limited. If there isn't a way to do this, I would greatly appreciate Bungie making the grapple melee top priority for the Hunter. Makes gameplay far smoother. Please change the priority on catching the spike.

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