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ursprünglich gepostet in: Dawn of the Great Games
2/25/2024 2:53:50 AM
[b][i][u]Out-of-game[/u][/i][/b], the Wishes are additional content due to the delay of the Final Shape. This coming Thursday was originally going to be the end of the Season of the Wish, and that is no longer the case. They're there for players to claim what rewards they want, whether it be Last Wish red borders, this year's Exotic Armor pieces, or miscellaneous rare resources and items. In-game, I'd consider them a thank-you from Riven. We saved her eggs, so she entrusted Mara with pieces of her dead body from which we can grant six wishes for ourselves. Sometimes, it's that simple. I swear, media literacy is dying out among people these days.

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