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Destiny 2

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2/25/2024 1:07:07 AM

What Would I Ever Do…

Without You? You? Who are you? I guess we will never know. Or will we? Does the guardian know their past? Do they care? Obviously not. They were found in the cosmodrome. And became mighty. Legend. Yet, despite the story with the Witness, we still don’t know. Who is this legendary being, exactly? Who are you?? Are you just a random person? Why were you in the cosmodrome? Were you one of the people who tried to flee to the colony ships? Were you a part of the military? Are you even Russian? And you get to choose your character. Why is an awoken in the cosmodrome? What happened? These answers… I’m curious… Will we ever know? I guess…perhaps. Or not… Maybe there are no clues… Maybe it doesn’t matter… Or maybe…. There’s more than meets the eye… I have a theory… But it’s pure speculation… Maybe, just maybe…. You were chosen from the start… In a past life, the traveler knew you… before you died… Maybe, just maybe…. We were….
#lore #destiny2

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