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Destiny 2

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2/23/2024 12:45:25 AM

Another Voice

Wait, back up my rant. Another voice, you say? Another voice in the darkness, that ISNT the Witness? Hmm… Toland? With the Witness on his high horse, the chess game is coming to a close. So, who is this new voice? Who is the new Taken King? Ahh, here is a mystery. I’m going to have fun finding this. Hehe…. A few candidates. Cross out Kelgorath, fanboys and girls. It will never be him. Like a sack of potatoes. I’ll crush it easily. No. There are only a few options. It’s either Toland, another Disciple of the Witness, or… Someone new. Someone we have never seen. Ever. Who has been lurking in the shadows, waiting. A voice not more powerful than the Witness, but still almost just as powerful. The game is afoot.
#lore #destiny2

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