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Destiny 2

Diskutiere über alles, was mit Destiny 2 zu tun hat.
2/23/2024 12:40:47 AM


IS THIS WRITING?!?! I mean, seriously!!! Again?!?! Kelgorath?!?! Yeah, thanks Byf!!!! Or no, another voice in the darkness. ANOTHER ONE?!?! Another one???? I’m getting sick and tired of these voices. When will these darn vex pick up their story and shove it…. Useless creatures They are strong, but they’re weak compared to who?! EVERYONE!! WE ALL HAVE PARACAUSAL HOOHAA NOW!!! One for you! And one for you!! Here’s one for you!!! Let’s just give paracausal power to everyone! We’ll do what Ghaul did so the Cabal can get it. And with Riven toying with us, I see no reason why we shouldn’t just….
#lore #destiny2

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