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Bearbeitet von Raize13: 2/1/2024 11:33:23 PM

PvP major problem!!! Bungie Team pls respond!

I am constantly being punished for other team members leaving after the first round! I’ve lost countless ranks in the competitive playlist and flawless games because people rage quit. And the problem is there isn’t a way to prevent it. We need something to happen about quitting in Competitive and Trials. There needs to be recognition for solo players leaving matches throughout the entire match not just the afk boot. What do you think about if a solo player leaves at anytime, wins=nothing changes, lose the match (no penalty or reduced penalty)? If you are a solo player with a 2 stack and the two stack leaves= same results? Of course this won’t affect those in a 3 stack, but will for those in a 2 stacks that have their solo player leave. Does this seem fair and balanced?

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