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2/7/2024 11:04:31 PM

Clan seeking more members (30+)

Clan name: Perpetual Zinc Region and platform: North America (All platforms welcome) This clan is looking for other members to join alongside. We are more casual and are seeking members (30+) any experience is welcomed be it new light or veteran D2 players. As well as blueberries welcomed. Looking for help in the game we have your back! Looking for someone to do strikes, gambit, raids etc come on over! We have a friendly, laid back chill discord server and people on it that are active! We don't have requirements to join besides respect eachother. We are open to people with busy day to day lives, who work or have children and want a place they can meet up and still enjoy the game with then this is a place for you. We do not boot inactive members if you become busy in day to day life. As well as if your looking for a adult discord server just to make friends and hangout playing games in general we are expanding our discord for that purpose Mic is optional, not mandatory (pending on raids) We just made this to connect with others who enjoy D2 as much as we all do If this sounds like something your interested in come check us out

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