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2/1/2024 7:40:36 PM

Recruiter Here!

[b][i]OUR DEMOGRAPHIC:[/i][/b] We're [b]based in the US, EST-PST time zones[/b] and are [b]usually active in the afternoons, evenings, & weekends![/b] [i](So if you join in the mornings, don’t be surprised if it’s a little quiet, everyone is 21+ and have work, kids, or other responsibilities during the day).[/i] This is a great place for adults with full time jobs, kids, and who don't make Destiny their top priority. We're semi-casual, considerate of your time, and don't expect too much from you [i](no harsh activity requirements and stuff like that).[/i] [b][i]THE TYPE OF COMMUNITY WE'RE BUILDING:[/i][/b] Our main focus/goal of our community is to actually meet and get to know people, cultivate a helpful and friendly space for everyone, and to be inclusive. Gaining numbers for our clan is not a priority whatsoever, in fact [b]joining our clan is optional[/b] and we simply provide one for those who need one. We also provide a dedicated sherpa team, who are competent, friendly, and helpful people who would love to educate you and guide you through the game! Offering a friendly, chill, and patient learning environment is something that we also pride ourselves with having. [b][i]HOW TO MEET US:[/i][/b] Please meet us by joining our Discord community, it is our primary source of communication and therefore [b]mandatory[/b] for chatting and voice communication: [i][b]If you are antisocial, not willing to speak or interact with other members, or simply plan on just lurking forever with no goal of actually meeting people; this community is NOT for you unfortunately.[/b] We don't just want numbers, we want new friends![/i] Hope to meet you all soon! [i]Keep slaying those gods together. - Josh[/i]

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