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Bearbeitet von Klodvig: 1/22/2024 3:10:24 PM

Hallowfire heart rework

Instead of being the third solar titan exotic to have sunspot interactions, can it be reworked to become the first roaring flames exotic instead? There's a lot that could be done, maybe have it passively increase the roaring flames timer by 5 seconds or so and then while your super is charged, roaring flames stacks last infinitely. Or maybe any ability kills instantly give you roaring flames x3 and while your super is charged it scales the effect and goes to x6, which might be like a 120% ability damage increase. I really want to use the exotic, but currently still see no point in using it over hoil, which is already not really used on solar titan. And the sunspot change was very underwhelming imo. Bungie, i promise that I'll buy the new hallowfire siva ornament, if a change like this happens :3

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