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Bearbeitet von itsgroot: 1/16/2024 9:07:13 PM

YAS and lack of a want to use it

As the title says, YAS was one of the only good power-fantasy builds I had as a solar hunter. Now if I want any amount of power-fantasy, I need to go back to exotics I've been leaning on for multiple seasons in multiple years that were used for other subclasses.(looking as assassin's cowl) The change to requiring a kill to get nade energy back has killed my want, even to the point of being dumbfounded when I see how little energy they give back when you DO get a kill. This is where the clear advantages it had in PVP ruined it in PVE for me and many others. It didn't ruin encounters, it didn't instantly nuke raid bosses, it wasn't making soloing raid bosses seem easier and easier. Literally all it was is a DPS backup method for when your super was gone and you were out of heavy ammo/special ammo. Pair the lackluster energy regen from a kill with nade kickstarter giving even less energy now AND requiring an armor charge to use it at all, this exotic is essentially dead and gone now. And yet, other exotics have infinite ability uptime and have remained unchanged since introduction. Looking at you, strand titans. They outright trivialize entire encounters due to damage output, but they haven't been changed solely because it's not strong in crucible. Like, come on. Do better. Separate the balancing between PVE and PVP. And I don't mean just by numbers. We need separate functionality between them as well. Because at least that way, I feel like I can still use what was a really fun exotic. But here I am, in the now, having 1 more pointless/useless exotic in my collection. All I can hope is that the change gets reverted or comes to a good middle ground in Final Shape, but... not too hopeful about it.

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