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12/27/2023 3:43:46 AM

Reveler Title stuck at 15/16 for Dawning even though I did all the event challenges!

I finished all 16 winter event challenges and obtained the star-baker title, but when I check the progress in the Reveler title it says that I only completed 15/16 for the Dawning triumph. If this block me from earning the Reveler title for another year it will really suck. I would think that an easy fix is to link the Reveler completions to earning the actual event title, rather than the 16 event challenges (you have to do the event challenges anyway to get the event title, so who cares?). Whatever the case, please address before the event goes away. To recreate this issue, try doing all 16 of the dawning challenges on an account that has never made progress for the Dawning triumph in the Reveler title. Claim all 16 of the dawning challenge completions, then observe that the reveler dawning triumph doesn't count past 15 and is effectively stuck at 15/16 despite all 16 dawning challenges being done.

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