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1/11/2024 2:53:48 PM

The Conundrum

"Be the rock and the hard place - Caiatl" Exotic Titan chest piece Turns the titan bubble into a cabal energy barrier. While active, the user cannot move or shoot. More details: This exotic effectively combines the bubble with the banner with added pros/cons for balancing. The bubble is impermeable to allied and enemy combatants' fire from the outside, however allied guardians can shoot out of it. The bubble itself no longer takes damage. Allied guardians no longer gain a damage buff. The titan generates orbs when allies get kills inside. The idea is that the titan becomes the weakspot and needs to rely fully on their teammates Potential buffs if too weak: - let the titan move and shoot, but if they get too far from the center, the super ends - the titan gets refunded super energy when allied guardians defeat combatants. - the titan gets a strong(er) overshield Potential nerfs if too strong: - allied guardians cause less damage to enemy guardians - the titan receives extra damage while the super is active - the super no longer grants an overshield Visually, this chest plate would be of cabal design, looking like a cabal energy barrier generator.

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