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1/7/2024 5:37:14 PM

Radiancyy is Recruiting - UK/EU - 21+

Eyes up Guardian! - Our clan is recruiting new members! 21+ If you are a [b]UK/EURO based Guardian[/b] looking for a community of active players, then we might be the clan for you! So you’ve clicked on our post and you're interested in joining a clan? Let us give you a brief overview… 🔸Are you looking for a group of people who do everything the game has to offer? ✔️ We've got that. 🔸 Are you looking for a fun bunch, who doesn't take things too seriously but knows when to step it up when required? ✔️ We've got that. 🔸 If you're looking for a non-toxic environment, where everyone acts their age and knows how to respect one another. ✔️ Well, we've got that too! 🔸 We are a lively and passionate clan, looking to recruit players to make our group stronger! Our current aim is to build up our ranks for the next upcoming DLC, so what better time to join a clan than now? This will allow you time to get to know us before the next big throw down and maybe you can help shape our future along the way. 🔸 Our player base currently consists of veterans but we are open to all skill levels. We are more than happy to help you get your adventure started. All we ask is that you have the desire to become a valued member of our community. 🔸We don’t pressure our members to be on daily, as we appreciate that life can be busy and sometimes complicated, but a certain level of commitment is required along with completing your clan XP for the week. 🥳 If this sounds like you, and you think you would make a good fit, then request to join the clan and we will get back to you ASAP! ⚠️ Discord will be required - this is our group's main communication platform so you will be required to participate there, both in text and voice channels.

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