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Bearbeitet von Klodvig: 1/7/2024 10:17:14 PM

I miss the potency of phoenix cradle pre solar 3.0

Dont get me wrong, i dont think at all that solar titans are suffering, we are way stronger than we ever were pre solar 3.0 but phoenix cradle specifically has lost so much potency. Before solar 3.0, the 10 seconds of sol Invictus with phoenix cradle was so much more valuable. 300% ability regen, 20% more damage for weapons and abilities, super lasts longer, and any kills while sol invictus was active created more sunspots. Phoenix cradle making sol invictus go from 5 to 10 seconds was so much more valuable back then. Now, all it does for you is 5 seconds more of 100% ability regen and slower super drain. Yes it now gives allies the few seconds of resto x1 after entering a sunspot but this changes nothing for yourself. So for starters, i think it needs the old ability to create sunspots from any kills while sol invictus is active. *I know hollowfire recently got a similar thing but it's useless because you need to be standing in the sunspot, not just have sol invictus active, hollowfire needs a completely different buff* And i also think phoenix cradle should give damage resistance to the sol invictus buff which is literally latin for "the invincible sun", it should only be like 20%-25% or something, much lower than well of radiance or woven mail. It just needs to add something more to the sol invictus buff and damage resistance would make the most sense imo though i understand that it would be kind of a boring buff. Please Bungie, im tired of just using synthos and occasionally loreley, phoenix cradle used to be the go to before solar 3.0.

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