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Bearbeitet von Timothy_Mark: 12/27/2023 8:16:02 PM

playing stasis titan is like putting on a wheelchair to fight the neighbors pitbull

I wanted to play similar to qorvex from warframe, and well stasis titan with precious scars is the cake, but man the subclass just hurts, the butchered the stasis fragments to the point it isn't even worth running in PVE or PVP - your a icey joke like whats the use of the virtual insanity punch when it does nothing and sends the opponent back who can teleport with arc blink or solar icarus dash and then one punch combo you, and even in PVE a AOE slow does nothing when chill clip exists and you dont need to personally leeroy jenkins to a enemy that can probably gun you down in an instant upon getting up close, not to mention most mini bosses in nightfalls can one hit melee you without any DR which goes against the titans kit to get up close and survive - and the super is also cold garbage as you just a big easy target in PVP and anyone can just jump to instantly counter you and headshot you with a cloudstrike, and in PVE its also pretty mid and you have to use the exotic titan glaive in specific occasions to make it actually somewhat decent compared to every other super ability - > barebones survivability] > useless melee ability both PVE and PVP wise aside from a slightly lucky troll punch > fragments are just extremely mid in general > and your super is mid compared to every other super on titan > why get 40% DR standing next to a crystal grenade that has a 2 minute cooldown when strand woven mail exists with no cooldown and 45% DR - like please bungie just make stasis titan actually worth using, it hurts trying to have fun with the subclass when I can get countered by everything that can get in eye contact, and it's crippling yourself in PVE when strand and solar exist that can do a superior job on survivability without needing to throw yourself in and hope for luck.

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