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12/21/2023 8:06:44 PM

Constant Anteater and Weasel Error Codes

Like title says, I'm getting constant Anteater and Weasel error codes, the game is almost unplayable at certain times there is no reason as to why it happens. I know it is a connection problem to the bungie servers and I know I am not the only one to experience this problem. Before Bungie Help reply, I have tried the ALL the steps on the troubleshooting page for these errors and none of the steps have helped solve my issue. This started in Season of the Witch and has been a constant issue since then. Please do not reply with the generic try these steps as I already have and please actually help me with the issue, as from the posts I've seen no one is any further along with resolving this due to your unwillingness to help. You used to be able to submit a ticket and speak to an actual person to help resolve your issue but now, you have to post a message and hope someone has a fix. Please any response apart from the generic try these steps will be helpful, thanks.

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