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My claimed Prime loot is nowhere to be foung

Hey, I recently revisited Destiny 2 out of curiosity, taking advantage of the free extensions available on the Epic Games Store. As we know, there are drops and loot that can be claimed on the official Twitch website for Destiny 2, and I've accumulated quite a few over time. However, when I tried to claim them in-game, I couldn't find anything in any storage. Before switching to the Epic Games Store, I initially had the game on Steam but never claimed anything in-game or even had the game installed. On the Bungie website is also shown, that the drops are associated with my profile. Could it be possible that the drops are still associated with my Steam profile for Destiny 2, or have they disappeared entirely? Is there any chance that I could retrieve my drops and loot on my Epic Games account? I appreciate your assistance. Thank you!

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