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Destiny 2

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Bearbeitet von Seiryoku: 12/9/2023 1:31:38 AM

I liked Iron Banner Tribute. The community is a mob.

Bungie shouldn't have over monetized and under delivered for so long and think that people wouldn't react before the end... But we continue to brandish pitchforks and torches when they are trying harder to improve player sentiment more than any other time I can remember... And there's hardly anything constructive being said. [spoiler]Be upset. Get angry. I'm pissed too. But say what we need to agree on, what we want from the game as a community while we have their ear. I don't want Destiny to die though. Just to change.[/spoiler] Everyone says what they don't like, but often fail to mention what they'd like to see. Just a desire for more of the same that the vast majority never learned proper. You really needed Control IB that bad? [spoiler]Checkmate and Tribute should demonstrate that most people just want to rely on special and abilities and they can't allow the game to dictate when they have to move, hold ground, or team-shoot. But the sweet spot is somewhere in between and they are looking for it and much of this community seemingly hates each other and themselves and the devs. Spewing vitriol and trolling. Whining. Making repeat topics to force their hand and continue to lower confidence in the team trying to fix a complex issue.[/spoiler] There are those that would sew chaos and the ones that try and maintain some semblance of order. Moving deliberately, with focused attention. They remove crucible nodes to consolidate the pvp player base, [i]what remains of it.[/i] The combination of replacing Control with Checkmate and Tribute just pissed people off. People that were uncomfortable without special or constant uptime on abilities. Having to see they can't use a primary or time their attacks with their peers. I hope they [Bungie] are not so scared and that they [u][b]CONTINUE TO TRY AND INNOVATE[/b][/u]. I hope the people in control of themselves and their frustrations can offer ideas rather than the common drivel plastered everywhere. -- Edit: I was made aware there were bugs and exploits associated with Tribute, I maintain the community needs to be constructive in its criticisms.

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