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12/2/2023 9:58:44 AM

Cabbage errors, weird problem

I have a weird problem over here. Basically I got a new modem a few weeks ago (Zyxel EX5601-T1). I didn't play a lot of Destiny in those weeks, but I did play on it for a few hours and everything worked fine. This Wednesday I logged in to play Season of the Wish and suddenly I couldn't load into any activities or locations. It loads fine, but when I'm supposed to spawn into it I get a black screen and then after a while I get send back to orbit and see a cabbage error message. I tried to reinstall the whole game, but that didn't fix anything. Then I turned my phone into a hotspot and send a 4g signal to the console. This did work! So the problem is definitely with my modem. It's just very weird that it did work before Season of the Wish. I looked into the cabbage error and went into my router settings. UPnP was already enabled. I turned off the firewall completely, but that didn't do anything. I couldn't find the other options they talked about so my router probably doesn't have those. Anyone have any clue what I could try? I can use my phone data to play, but I don't have unlimited data.

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