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Bearbeitet von Seiryoku: 11/18/2023 6:24:13 AM

Tribute Hall reimagined (Shooting Range)

MAKE A SHOOTING RANGE. Not like the Relic's. A training ground. Programmable targets that can be placed, move, be at crouch height. Slide. Run. Jump. Float. Make an in-game aim trainer. You already have Hunter clones. Ice Turrets. Let us place targets in Private Matches so we can practice specific engagements on maps. Even if we play solo. Make an obstacle course where one has to beat time trials to see their progression with movement. Like a license system in Grand Turismo. Low ceilings for Hunter head bounce training. A ceiling with a deadly laser grid so Titans and Warlock can learn to skate, keeping their jump height low. This will help all players. Casual and Try Hard. New and old. It can build confidence so people don't feel like they aren't allowed to practice. Especially the ones that think it's too hard to learn Crucible in the Crucible. What would you guys like to see? How would you refine it? Were there other shooters you played that you like how it was done?

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