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11/18/2023 9:02:40 PM

Sentinel Deathwatch is recruiting for our active and experienced community! Open to all experienced players!

[b][SLDW] Sentinel Deathwatch[/b] [u][NA/EU] [PC/PS/XBOX][/u] Sentinel Deathwatch is a clan of chill, experienced players, primarily from the North American and European regions. We have been rapidly growing over the last few months, and are continuing to build a strong, active player base. Our clan focuses on endgame PvE content and pinnacle PvP. We’re looking for more players who aren’t afraid to hop into VC, help others, and engage with the clan by participating in clan activities. Our goal is to build a tight and enjoyable community for everyone to be proud to be a part of. [u][b]We are only accepting players who are capable of participating in endgame content such as Raids, Master Raids, GMs, Comp PvP, and are overall experienced with the game.[/b] [/u] [b]WHAT WE CAN OFFER TO YOU[/b] • Day 1 Teams • Daily PvE & PvP activities, including endgame content • Experienced player base • A rapidly growing & active community • Flexible schedules for raids and other events • Community events such as giveaways, tournaments, movie nights, and more on the way [b]REQUIREMENTS[/b] • Display a fair amount of activity within the clan discord and game. We don’t expect you to be on 24/7, but make an effort to engage with the clan. • Have a mic • Be 18+ • Cannot be inactive for more than 2 weeks without notice • Have at least one character at 1805+ light level • [b]Fully know the base mechanics of 4 raids.[/b] We don't mind teaching, but we are not interested in teaching you the entire game. • Read and understand our rules • Have a basic understanding of how Discord works • No clan hoppers/shoppers, and no lone wolves • Be a decent human being [b]JOINING US[/b] • Send a DM to @patriotic#8006 • Join our discord server • Apply to our clan [b]DISCORD[/b] [b][/b] We hope to see you join our growing community, guardian. For any further questions, please feel free to DM me and I'll be more than happy to help you out.

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