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Bearbeitet von T0LMANAT0R: 11/9/2023 10:42:40 PM

Revert Bow Dmg nerf in checkmate

So, for some unknown reason, you all decided to nerf bow dmg in checkmate playlists. This change makes absolutely no sense. Please revert it. I personally will be leaving checkmate forever if it doesn't get reverted to some degree at minimum. As a bow main in pvp for years (not Le Monarque), checkmate has been the most fun I've had in pvp in a long time. Basically since power creep made every primary's ttk between .6 and .8 seconds. Except for prenerf Le Monarque and some edge hotswapping cases (which actually take a ton of skill to pull off consistently), bows have never been competitive unless the player poored in a ton of time to develop the skill necessary to wield bows correctly in pvp. And even then, most are at a clear disadvantage compared to the other easier to master primaries. Checkmate finally fixed that. It made it so most of the other primaries experienced just a tiny bit of increased ttks, finally bringing them in line to the point bows could actually be competitive in pvp without using poison or hotswapping. This latest nerf absolutely destroys that. Bows already have the slowest ttk out of all primary weapon types. And now, you just made it significantly slower unless you get two headshots every time. Also, the dmg difference between lightweights and precision frames is like 8 dmg, further -blam!- the two archetype identities. The only reason I can see behind this change is to discourage hotswapping builds, but I'll be honest, I can play like 20 hours of pvp and run into one bow hotswapper and they usually aren't even that good. And, the hotswapping builds don't even work correctly in checkmate due to not doing enough dmg in most cases. Messing up the entire weapon type because of a few edge cases that actually probably had to spend a lot of time developing the skill to do it, is short-sided and demonstrates a lack of critical thinking. Please, revert the nerf. It was pointless, nobody was asking for it, it once again puts bows waaaay down the totem pole of pvp usefulness, the few people who were excited to be playing bows and actually stand a chance against all the smgs, hand cannons, auto rifles, and pulse rifles in the game will leave your new pvp baby. Additionally, it discourages diversity in the meta as well as discourages diversity in bow archetype choice due to the sliver of dmg difference between the two. It was a bad, poorly thought-out decision that will only lead to poor consequences.

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