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11/12/2023 4:59:42 AM

What are your thoughts on volatile being reworked as a timed debuff?

So I got to thinking, and I would like to know if this idea makes sense. What if volatile acted like a timed debuff instead of a one-time damage effect? What I mean to say is that volatility would be capable of causing continuous explosions on an enemy as long as the debuff was active. It could last about 10 seconds on an enemy (5s in PVP), and work just as regularly (dealing damage causes the enemy to explode), but without volatility being removed until the 10 seconds are up or the enemy dies, thus allowing for repeated explosions. Outside of controlled demolition, I feel that volatile is one of the more inconsistent feeling debuffs in the game currently. This would make bounties that require kills on enemies affected by volatility much easier as they can die with the debuff still active rather than being removed prematurely.

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