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10/30/2023 3:09:16 PM

ΞУΞ is members that are active!!!

Welcome to ΞУΞ, the clan for guardians who have honed their skills through countless battles and challenges. We're a community of players who share a passion for mastering the art of warfare in the world of Destiny 2. If you're no stranger to the Light and are eager to embark on raids, challenging quests, and intense competitive battles, then ΞУΞ is the clan for you. We value teamwork, camaraderie, and the pursuit of excellence in all aspects of the game. Join us, and together, our keen vision and unwavering determination will see us through even the darkest of threats in the Destiny 2 universe. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- -Raids (Masters and Normal) -Dungeons (Masters and Normal) -Nightfalls (All Difficulties) -Any other content ------------------------------------------------------------------------- We use discord as our way of communication so please join the discord to join the clan!!

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