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10/29/2023 1:37:23 PM

SMG T-bag spam meta is killing pvp.

Weird idea: Instead of nerfing smg's, nerf T-bag spammers! with the current crazy amount of aim assist (mainly controller) It's to easy to T-bag spam and hit all your headshots. At this point (check trials report) smg's are the most used pvp weapon and range nerfs don't even matter! Trials player base decreases by 50k players every week and bungie doesnt care lmao. From: 285k players on 15-9-2023. To: 122k players on 29-10-2023. Nerf T-bag spam/the aim assist or give controllers the same aim assist as MnK to make it fair. If the next pvp game made by Bungie (Marathon) is the same with this bullshit, its not going to life long. [i]Since Bungie doesnt care about their players, they will not even read or care about this anyway. [/i]

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