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10/13/2023 5:46:17 PM

Destiny 2 Factions, their weapons and armor/armor ornaments

For the longest time I've always enjoyed the faction Element of Destiny, their designs on weapons and armor and armor ornaments. I know factions were in Destiny 2 and then were removed, and then the death of lakshmi-2 and the vex thing made the factions flee the city. but I would love the Destiny 2 team to consider adding factions back to Destiny 2. or atleast an avenue to obtain weapons/armor/armor ornaments that are now unobtainable. there are so so many unique items from these factions that you just cannot get. story wise, factions could return to the city after fleeing the Witness/pyramid fleet that is looming above earth/close in the sol system. and in turn for refuge in the city, they could once again lend us their weapons and armor and so on to strengthen our guardians while we are at war with the Witness and his army. Below I will list attempt to list all faction weapons not currently obtainable in Destiny 2. Hand cannons: Agamid, The Defiant, Older Sister III Auto rifles: The Doubt, Hollow Earth, Guiding Star, Loquitor IV, Restoration VIII Linear Fusion Rifles: Dead-ender Pulse Rifles: Magnum shepherd, Heart of time, Eternal Slumber, Three Graves Rocket Launchers: Pit Launcher, Broadsword Launcher Scout rifles: The dream, Adverse Possession IX, Good counsel IX, Song of Justice VI, Haunted earth Shotguns: Quitclaim shotgun III, Basilisk, Gravity slingshot, Unification VII Sidearms: Peace by consensus, Interregnum XVI, Eleventh hour Sniper rifles: The domino, Anniella, Maxim XI, Eye of foresight Submachine guns: Beidenhander, Radiant stardust, Royal dispensation II I understand that this is a big ask, and would take some resources to add. and the likely hood of these faction weapons and other faction related Items I haven't mentioned, coming back into the game are extremely slim. but I don't think the vanguard would knowingly abandon the 3 Factions to fend for themselves while the Witness and his pyramid fleet is closer than ever to wiping everyone out. and I think it would be neat to have an opportunity to get faction gear again along with banding together with old allies to fight our greatest adversary yet. was just a thought! let me know what you all think

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