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Destiny 2

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This game is not being run like a fantasy world, it's being run like a greedy government

This game is not being run like a fantasy world, it's being run like a greedy government that wants to tax the heck out of it's citizens. QUOTE by meatbaag This is totally the truth, bungie wont let you have too much of anything it all about control. They hated it when we could farm GMs so they stopped that by screwing GMS over, making the easy ones harder for players. making sure that your capped to the hilt or nerfed to the hilt.' Making sure that the hide spots were taken so you couldn't even cheat at it. Changing the whole element of the game to screw players over. They should be grateful that we are playing on there damn game and not call of duty. THIS IS A GAME, that people pay for, they pay money to bungie, most players will play destiny to kick back from the real world and take a load off, and to enjoy it. But the enjoyment has gone out of the game, for me personally it was battlefields in strikes, it was changing the iron banner over, when control should of stayed always, crucible control should of never of been removed when iron banner was on, its force feeding players, like a said control. They wrecked trials by changing the game modes, Like all PVP modes suck now cos it all based on taking one area and you get people fighting over areas by slamming wells or titan bubbles down, has that what this game has become???? like seriously. That's not fun, its stressful. They took the pinnacle grind out of the game, why?? its always been there? I think it always give the game meaning too, now in everything they seems like the grind has gone out of the game. why is bungie focusing on the wrong elements of the game. This game is truly amazing, the planets and places are amazing, the ideas, the campaigns are amazing. but it would be so much more... it lacks a purpose for people who are really into this game. Like on each planet guns and loot should change, game goals have to be set, its a looter shooter, but the loot isn't changing. I really wouldn't care if they brought sunsetting back as long as you could craft the good guns in the game and keep them to your own preference as long as they could bring new good loot. The game outriders was on to a good thing, they copied the elements of Destiny and tried to take it once step further, they brought in new levels of exotics, like different colours. with amazing designs. FOCUS ON THE LOOT BUNGIE, stop wrecking the damn elements of the game, all people wanna do is kick back and have some fun in dark times. You keep saying sorry to players and then you do all this? ok vent over.

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