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10/4/2023 9:33:38 PM

Promethium Spur is not functioning according to its description

[armory] Promethium Spur[/armory]'s in-game description for its effect outside of Daybreak: [quote][...] While standing in any rift, Solar weapon final blows grant Rift energy. When your Rift energy is full, final blows consume your Rift energy and create a healing and empowering rift at the target's location.[/quote] Based off this description, the way the Exotic should be working is as follows: - Solar weapon final blows inside any Rift grant Rift energy. With full Rift energy, any final blow creates that combo Rift at the enemy death location. The only catch here is that Rift energy must be full. - I can't confirm, but it also seems like any solar kills (weapon + ability) when a combo Rift is not active will grant rift energy, and not just solar weapon kills inside any Rift. However, based on both my own experience and the Community Research listed on DIM, how the Exotic currently works is: - Solar weapon final blows within a normal healing or empowering Rift (the combo Rift does not gain this effect) grant Rift energy. While both 1. Inside any Rift and 2. You have full Rift energy, any final blow creates the combo Rift at the enemy death location. What this means is that to get the combo rift chain going, you need to essentially: 1. Place your rift like normal. 2. Rack up enough solar weapon kills in the next 15s to fully recharge your rift. (This is much harder than one might expect when the lowest tier of enemies only grants 9%/kill.) 3. Get an additional kill with any damage type/source while still within a rift. 4. Congrats! You now finally have your first combo rift. Solar weapon kills inside of it won't grant class ability energy, meaning you have to wait for your rift to naturally recharge before starting all the way back at step 1 instead of skipping to step 2. The way the exotic functions currently does not line up with its description, and I really hope this is unintentional, since it's a very unenjoyable, stop-and-start playstyle that requires you to constantly have dozens of enemies to slay if you want to use the exotic for its purpose outside of Daybreak. Additionally, using the Armory search function on, there has been no stated change to Promethium Spur's effect since the quoted text above was added back in Season of the Lost in 2021, which further lends credence to the idea that the current behavior is unintended.

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