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9/28/2023 6:55:06 PM

~ALL PLATFORMS~ Clan of Harmony || [Discord is Free]

------------------- [u][b]Clan of Harmony[/b][/u] ------------------------------------------- [i]Are you trying to join a [url=]Clan[/url]? Looking for people to play with when your [url=]Clan[/url] isn't available? Or do you prefer to stay out of clans but sometimes need [url=]an extra person or two?[/url][/i] Well then come join us on [url=]Discord[/url]! Where you can find people to join you in whatever activity destiny offers [b][u]regardless[/u][/b] of what platform someone has. using discord and the system setup we can communicate with ease! Whether you join our [url=]Clan[/url] or decide to remain a guest. [quote]regardless of what you play destiny on! Discord allows us to play with anyone![/quote] [url=]Destiny Seekers[/url] is a discord server created for all destiny players to come together, have fun, make friends and get that new gear you might be after haha! [i]We have multiple discord bots that I have gathered and setup which were created by some very intelligent people that have graciously shared them with the community![/i] These bots do a vast array of things, [u][b]~ Click the spoiler for more about the discord bots ~[/b][/u] [spoiler]These bots do things like -Connects bungie and discord so that everyone can see your in game name displayed. Making it easier to invite and find people -Show all of a weapons possible traits -Show daily & weekly inventory rotations as well as rotated activities -Check any and all stats of yourself and/or others (activities, weapon kills, previous runs and much much more) -Notify you of an incoming Vex Strike Force (VSF has a guaranteed chance of giving you exotic armor you don't have yet) -More than I can list here[/spoiler] [url=]Destiny Seekers[/url] is open to all whether or not you choose to join the [url=]Clan[/url]; [u]I do not want joining the clan to ever feel like a requirement to use the server[/u]. However if you do choose to join the clan just let anyone within the leadership know at anytime! [u]Or should you choose to leave the clan[/u], assuming it was on good terms, you'll always be welcome to remain a guest on the server! [i]We all just want to have fun and play games at the end of the day.[/i] [u][b]So before joining please do the following ~ [/b][/u] [i]1.} [u][b]Upvote the post![/b][/u] This allows us to be seen more frequently and gain more members! If youre joining as a guest because you have a clan please share their forum postings in our ad channel so [u]I can upvote it![/u] 2.} Click the [url=]Discord link[/url], read the rules and then register with the bot. [u][b]which will have you login into discord and whatever you play destiny on.[/u][/b] Which will then give you full access to the server. The bot is called Charlemagne if you'd like to look it up or are familiar already. 3.} Once you've had a look around the [url=]Destiny Seekers Discord[/url] be sure to come back to this post and [b]leave a comment[/b]. Similar to upvoting, comments help significantly to boost a post in the forums! [u]please and thank you![/u] (You can find this post again in the advertising channel or may leave a comment before joining too) 4.} Lastly, head on over to ⁠#alert_roles in the DESTINY_ALERTS category on the [url=]Discord[/url] There you'll [u][b]find roles used for receiving important notifications.[/b][/u] (Looking For Group, announcements, Vex Strike Force and so on)[/i] __________________________________________________________________________________ Once you've been all set up go ahead and [u][b]find some people to jump into a match with![/b][/u] Or start chatting in the [url=]Courtyard of the Tower[/url] on the [url=]Discord Server[/url]! [quote] And please [i][b][u]should anyone have any questions about the clan or server[/u][/b][/i] you may message gukuhlt_bear on discord or message me here on [armory]gukuhlt_bear#0175[/armory]! Or of course leave your question on the post Share to help us grow faster!!! The more we grow the more active it will become! Thank you~[/quote] [url=]Destiny Seekers Discord Server || The Clan of Harmony[/url]

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