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9/24/2023 11:10:02 PM

kicked and kicked and kicked

keep getting kicked off, bee, weasel, hare, what is this a game site or a damn farm? i l.ove how bungie keeps saying it is my connection.....52mbps d/l 11mbps u/l 0% pkt loss so why having only trouble with destiny 2, not any off the other 100's of games i play... just the one, so not buying next update, time to either create destiny 3 from scratch or but the dinosaur to bed and end it's misery instead of trying to keep a truck afloat for all the cash you can try and get out of it, love the game but not if i can't play it, just non stop for the last 3-4 days, so please, instead of pages and pages of oh it must be my connection, no, it is your connection so just own up and fix it, atleast employ someone that can, oh no, gotta spend some money....that will never happen, a product doesn't work?? bye bye bungie, would hate for that to happen cause you have some really good games but not if they don't work.

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