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9/14/2023 11:48:45 PM

Young Ahamkara’s Spine nerf.

Hi there.. Bungie I’m sorry but this nerf isn’t necessary at all.. as hunters we already have limited builds to make on Solar and we barely have a worthwhile exotics to build on.. Titans and Warlocks have subclass neutral exotics that work with everything and even with weapons that gives infinite abilities.. but hunters don’t. As hunters we’re now only have a nerfed invisibility and volatile build or an unreliable combination blow build or a strand build that is basically like any other strand build.. stasis is already nerfed to the ground and not worth using. Revert the YAS nerf please.. I would be making exotics that are similar to it instead of killing it off. It’s been my dream since D1 to come to your studios and work for you or even give you ideas.. but my wish is hard to accomplish because you might not see this post. Thank you.

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