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9/15/2023 9:16:21 AM

Legendary shards removal, nerf feedback

Hi there.. After reading the TWID I saw that legendary shards will be deprecated and removed.. And I think that’s a back idea.. Because it’s a currency that is already hoarding and farmed by many.. removing it just like that will be a bad trade for the time all players added into getting these shards and farming for them.. Respecting the player’s time is as important as making the game fun.. So I have a suggestion for you.. if you may give us an option to exchange 750 legendary shards into 250 reputation for vendors of our choosing.. or into bright dust when approaching Eververse because cosmetics shouldn’t give any advantage right? So you can give us the option of exchange 1000 legendary shards into 250 bright dust.. so even if someone has 100k shards the most bright dust they’ll have is 25k and it will be give us a nice shopping spree in the Eververse store that all players wanted and will make us happy because most of us can’t buy anything in the Eververse store so why not close a door and open up another? Also I find the Young Ahamkara’s Spine nerf unnecessary at all.. the only redeeming factor of this exotic is the regen of grenade energy on damage.. you could nerf it to prevent it from being OP in PvP in other ways but keep the same functionality and fun aspect in PvE and I will give you some suggestions: - Make it so the grenade is shootable by players (just like the Gunpowder’s Gamble aspect) and remove the intrinsic fastball perk (only in PvP) that way it will have its advantages in PvE like it has it now (during season 22) and it will be easy to counter it in PvP. - Add a repeating loud sound cue when approaching the tripmine when it’s already planted and also add a radar ping that pings a red dot once for all nearby players on the other team. Or you can make it ping once and visible behind surfaces while the ping is active. [b]Editor’s note:[/b] [i]PvP is all about getting an upper hand and attention and by adding the ping and the sound cues will give a better awareness to avoid that tripmine if it’s planted.. also by going with the making it shootable will prevent reckless direct usage in 1v1 gun fights.[/i] Thank you I wish you found it useful.

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