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Bearbeitet von Kurokami: 9/7/2023 11:45:49 PM

The Luminous Void "Fix" is broken with various ornaments and glows...

I know we just got reverted back BUT: The first fix of the luminous void shader brought more material AND purple glows to any ornament. after today's revert a lot of the materials lack the proper treatment and look dull even for the similar materials (some silver and gray lacks its luster and looks flat, like it lacks shader similar to the unintended gambit shader on lighter parts) Some of the glows just turn white as if without a proper color, and that really breaks the idea of a VOID volatile shader. a proper fix would be lean on the purples or darker silver that the icon has or revert back to the first fix since it had better material distribution and darker colors. here are some of the images that show the problem: Like...wheres the VOID in that? wheres the volaitle effect? or the metalic purple colors?

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