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Bearbeitet von Burngle: 8/29/2023 6:10:16 PM

Quality of life/bug fix suggestions!

I have a few quality of life changes/ideas i would like to share. Hopefully somebody at Bungie can take a look and pass these off to the team: 1. Separate glaive melee setting. Currently, glaive melee is tied to your uncharged melee setting and could be hard and uncomfortable to use/spam depending on your setting. For example, I have my uncharged melee set to R3 and it’s uncomfortable trying to spam press it down. I don’t want to change it to R1 because i really like charged melee as R1 and find it easier to aim distance melees with R1 as opposed to R3 press. That’s my experience. 2. In relation to number 1, glaive melee being tied to uncharged melee causes a glitch where if you melee for a while with a glaive and then stow your glaive trying to use your charged melee, it won’t work. You need to uncharge melee first to be able to use your charged melee. Extremely frustrating. 3. Mindbender’s Ambition is currently bugged and won’t light up the hive runes after getting a kill. This has been bugged since an update in Season of the Seraph I believe. 4. Postmaster full warning only pops up while in orbit or in a social space, and even then sometimes it won’t pop up at all very consistently. A fix for this and a warning in all instances would be nice. 5. I believe a huge fix and buff for the current state of Stasis would be to turn all of the aspects that generate stasis shards into a fragment that functions the same for each class. Or just make it a part of the subclass by default like Tangles are for Strand. This will allow each class to spawn shards the exact same way based on the conditions you decide on for the fragment, and free up each class to run another aspect to help bolster stasis’ performance. 6. Currently, when you are running the solar fragment that refreshes restoration and radiant and makes them last longer with solar ability and weapon kills, if you apply restoration to yourself again the timer will be reset back to the default 5 seconds instead of up to the max 12 if you were previously there. 7. Lost Sectors are starting to become a little tedious with the amount of exotics currently in the game. For example, there is just a minimal chance of anyone getting the correct drop and roll they need on a pair of exotic arms because it is the most crowded exotic slot for each class. Titans and Hunters have 14, while Warlocks have 12. As more exotics are added, this will just become more and more unlikely. Consider moving on from lost sectors or just making them drop focusable exotic engrams in the near future. 8. More consistent ways to acquire exotic ciphers in a week other than the one from xur. 9. More loadouts!!! Feel free to add anything to the list and keep it positive. Thanks!

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