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Bearbeitet von RealJeniTalia: 8/28/2023 4:16:29 AM

Attempting to claim Witch’s Engrams at Lectern of Divination results in no engram.

I have not seen anyone else report this, but it appears to be happening to at least one other person in my clan. When picking up a Witch’s Engram or exotic engram at the Lectern of Divination it acts like the engram has been picked up, but when I check at the ritual table or inventory engram tracker, the engram is nowhere to be found. I had four engrams, I picked up one at the Lectern, and then checked and I still had four engrams. This has happened to me multiple times (I think every time). I have also had a clanmate tell me picking up an exotic engram did the same thing to her. I am holding off on claiming Lectern engrams for a bit. Is this happening to anyone else?

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