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8/23/2023 1:12:47 PM

Pvp sword nerf

I dont know why this happened but swords(aggresive frames) received a massive pvp nerf. The damage taken when guarding has been mutiplied 2.5x and because of the guard reworks there is now a large cooldown on blocking after using a heavy attack leaving you defenceless. Pre-nerf using stronghold and thronecleaver or crownsplitter was a fun way to counter supers, get multikills with higher risk than with other heavy ammo weapons. The increased guard resistance made up for the low charge rate, movement speed and swing speed that is always present on aggresive frame swords. There is now no reason for me to run aggresive frame swords over any others in pvp or pve. I'd actually like to know if there is any reason that this would reasonably be changed since it's not like heavy ammo isn't usually OP anyways. I'm giving this feedback because the most fun and interesting playstyle, weapon and exotic in pvp just got nerfed to the ground under the name of a buff.

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