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8/19/2023 5:02:01 PM

We love grinding for weapons in D2…

…but the crafting system just isn’t great. Let me explain: When weapon crafting was teased for Witch Queen, we were all very hyped. The weapons and gear trailer showed several parts on a weapon (the Come To Pass auto rifle) being held that were scrolled through, which seemed to be that they were easily interchangeable. In my own thoughts, I imagined it would be closer to the gun store scene that Tuco visits in the film “The Good, The Bad and the Ugly” where he’s taking apart other guns to make a new one. (There are several great clips on YouTube, have a watch!) Instead we got a majorly convoluted mess of a paracausal crafting table that we had to not only find 5 special weapons of and then fill up their own deepsight gauge, but also had to have 8 brand new currencies. On top of this, we were expected to next level these up to unlock all the perks. Since then, it has become much easier with several patches, removing the need to use the red border weapons first, the special materials needed for crafting and now potentially removing the need to level up, but hopefully the entire journey has given a lesson to Bungie in regards to quality of life improvements for any future vendors like this. My main feedback here is that it really doesn’t need to be as complicated to be fun or rewarding. We already grind for weapons, why not simply take weapon A plus weapon B, to make weapon C? Those original copies get deleted and only the selected perks are present on the final result. If you need to charge materials, why not simply cores/prisms/shards? In the end, enhanced perks are great but open up that power creep which Bungie says isn’t desired. I think the reshaping for adept raid weapons is a step in the right direction but we’re just still not quite there.

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