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8/8/2023 3:38:33 AM

Fixing the exotic boots Promethium Spur

As a solar warlock player, I always would love more viable options in exotic items and Promethium Spurs need some help. What the Spurs do is Daybreak Kills spawn a Healing and Empowering Rift at Enemy Death Location. Kills while standing in a Rift with your Class Ability Energy full also spawn a Healing and Empowering Rift at Enemy Death Location. Consumes Class Ability Charge. Solar Weapon Kills grant Class Ability Energy based on enemy rank : • 9%: Tier 1 Minors • 13%: Tier 2 Minors, Tier 1 Elites • 15%: Enemy Players • 20%: Tier 3 Minors, Tier 2 Elites • 30%: Tier 4 Minors, Tier 3-4? Elites • 40%: Mini-bosses • 50%: Bosses What I would change is add a percent charge bar, like with the manticore, and using the same percentages that are already in game. You gain energy with every kill, not just when in a rift, and when full replaces your next rift with the double rift. Keep the Daybreak Kills spawn a super rift. thx to light gg for the info.

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