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7/20/2023 8:08:54 PM

Thank you Bungie, for completely butchering Stasis after giving Stasis Mains hope.

Not long ago, Bungie gave some quality of life improvements to Stasis wielders, including but not limited to: Howl of the Storm now freezing more consistently Shiver Strike having better horizontal movement etc. Now not long after you completely rip the Band-Aid off with these recent changes. Stasis Titan is completely butchered after this update, the only thing it had was crystals and shards. If you wanted to keep it's viability without killing the class the easiest way to fix that would be to just make the shards you generate only work on yourself, and no other teammates so you cant just battery each other (which is the whole reason why you nerfed it in the first place). Stasis Titan in PVE is butchered because Void is just downright better, its a 40 over shield just by killing enemies at low health or pressing a button. Why would you ever want or need Stasis when Void just does the job better, easier, and with less hassle. Stasis Hunter took a decent blow because they already cant generate many shards compared to titan or warlock so Rimes is now useless on that class, and Hunters dont generally use crystals so the other fragment is now even more useless there than it was before. Stasis Warlock is still Stasis Warlock. Grenades and Turrets galore but once again Rimes is useless yet again. This change killed Behemoth even harder than the previous nerf after Hunter Shatterdive took over the meta leaving the subclass dead in the water for years. Now as soon as 3 people battery eachother and a single complaint sparks from a streamer, you completely kill not just Behemoth, but the two fragments that even made Stasis relevant in the current meta. Now there is no reason to run Stasis over Void, or even Solar since Solar heals better than Stasis now too. Thanks for ruining the class when a simple change of "Crystals you create no longer generate shards for your teammates" would of fixed every issue with the triple behemoth stacking and kept Stasis in a balanced and fun position in Destiny 2.

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