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7/10/2023 4:26:36 AM

MIDA Multi-tool anti champion buff?

Mida sucks a lot mostly due to the longer-than-average ttk and sub par damage in pvp, and they're isn't a reason to use it in pve over other choices. I was thinking about maybe givving it some anti champion abilities to not only give the weapon some utility in pve, but also because it fits in with the gun's lore. The little text under the weapon's name while inspecting the Mida reads something about an option to change the function of the bullets, including an troll smasher or something. I feel that allowing the gun to switch between the different anti champion damages like how the hard light changes it's damage type would be a great addition, and would have some benefit to pvp as well, as anti barrier does bonus damage to titan barricades and overload slows ability regeneration. Unstop does jack -blam!- so whatever but I think it would be a great addition.

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