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6/28/2023 12:34:31 AM

GM moon psiops is a nightmare, bungie just stop and nerf savathun projections

didn't think it could get worse, it did. seasonal activities are not made for GM -25 difficulty, it's extremely unfair/unbalanced the savathun projections got way toomuch health in gm stormtrance wipes the whole area (half of the arena) and instakills, (can't even predict which way it spreads) lightblade arc barrage instakills here too blade barrage just tracks and instakills on savathun version novabomb istakills, with resist leaves you finishable for ads and or boops you off map NERF savathun 1st decrease the are of effect of stormtrance 2nd stop savathun from spamming instakills AoE attacks on the whole arena, give it a cooldown and longer wind up so we can dodge 3rd nerf the damage, 30 fps and maybe you can survive, been a problem since long ago with splash damage

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