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6/24/2023 3:05:46 AM

Helm of Saint-14 is kind of pointless (let's fix that)

Hello everyone, like many of our exotics currently Helm of Saint-14 is in dire need of help, with the introduction of Void 3.0 most of the helm's perks became rather pointless, currently you can just place a bastion barricade inside the bubble for the same effects, and i think its about time to give it a helping hand, so that it fits better in our current meta. Currently the Void Titan is very focused on having an overshield up as often as possible, to make aspects like offensive bulwark even work. so this is the buffs I would give helm of Saint-14 - Protective breach (picking up a void breach gives you an overshield) like the artifact perk - melee kills while the overshield is active refreshes your existing overshield. This would Make Helm of Saint-14 a pretty strong Void neutral game exotic, and not a watered down bastion in bubble.

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