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6/24/2023 12:48:37 AM

Help! Solo flawless 'ed Prophecy on an alt and cant acquire emblem.

I had cleared Prophecy solo flawless on my titan a few seasons ago and wanted the emblem for my warlock so I ran it today and got it like 3rd try. I got armor for every single drop / chest... thanks rng but crucially, when looting the final chest I got no emblem and when I go into collections > flair > world, there is no "Prophetic Visionary" emblem. Nor can I reclaim the triumph that gave it to me originally. Am I missing something? Another issue is I tried to unequip the flawless emblem on my titan and store it in the vault to pull on my warlock. But in the vault screen I held F to "store" and it just deleted it. So now I have 0 emblems and I cant reacquire it anywhere. How do I get help with this? Can I open a ticket with Bungie? Is that possible?

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