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Bearbeitet von AJuicce: 6/15/2023 9:15:51 PM
This becomes a topic of the casuals vs. the sweats. The only thing not raising the pinnacle cap has allowed me to stock back up with endgame currencies. Though It’s not required to hit the pinnacle cap each season. However, when they don’t increase it (such as the current) The game feels meaningless to play. This game used to feel like an RPG, now it’s starting to feel similar to call of duty campaign , or any of those other PVE games. Having a hard time trying to understand why we are power-capped in playlist activities - (nightfalls&GM) Was it to appeal the casuals? Just a Handful of items worth grinding for; they still lock us out on a week to week basis for story progression and quest. We just barely got grandmasters week 4, and cant even guild the title until week 7* Have to say, Chasing the pinnacle cap and seeing the potential power of seasonal artifact in Build-crafting was the highlight for me.

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