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6/15/2023 1:09:13 PM

Want to target High-Stat armor again

I miss way back when we could focus engrams to target one specific high-stat. Anyone else remember this? Back when we had Umbral engrams & before they took the HELM away we could focus the Umbral engrams to drop with a high stat of our choosing, which combined with the Armorer mods on our Ghosts made it easier to spec into our builds & get the spiked gear with the stats we needed since we could have the Armorer mod set for one stat & Focus for another. Nowadays though all we have to rely on is RNG & the Armorer mods to drop at the guaranteed minimum of 10 in one stat, & that makes getting together a good build difficult, which sucks since with the new built-in Loadouts Bungie wanted people to get into build-crafting. Only solutions I could think of is to reinstate being able to Focus armor for specific stat biases, or upping the guaranteed minimum on Armorer mods.

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