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6/15/2023 1:25:10 AM

l Luminescence l is looking for new members! (18+, US Based)

Hey there! Are you looking for a new clan? Have you never been in a clan before? We might be the perfect fit for you! We are a 18+, US based, semi-active clan looking to revive our community with some new members. Whether you’re a seasoned vet who has taken on Sol’s greatest threats or a new blueberry fresh from the Cosmodrome’s wasteland we want you! Yes, you! We are a clan which tackles all activities. Whether you like raids, nightfalls, trials, competitive ,or anything Destiny, we are in. But we don’t play Destiny by itself. We play other games like Minecraft, older Call of Duty titles (like BoII and BoIII), Terraria, R6 Siege, and more! We find that Destiny is the game we just can’t stay away from. Even after extended breaks it’s gameplay and art direction just keep bringing us back. If you’re like us—people who seek meaningful relationships in and outside of Destiny—and you want to be a part of a semi-active clan, then we would love to welcome you to the l Luminescence l family! If you have any questions then DM Loose Pipe through the Destiny Companion App or on Xbox and I will gladly follow up with you. Thank you for reading. Take care Guardian, Loose Pipe

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