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6/14/2023 5:46:41 AM

Prime Gaming Rewards not working

I have claimed rewards every month for quite a while now. More than a year according to my rewards page on my Bungie account. Past few days I've tried to claim the reward, and instead of the usual page change to it telling me I claimed the reward, it just refreshes 3 times and defaults to a page where I have to link my Bungie account again. So I do that, and it simply does the same thing as though nothing is linked to the account, no matter how many times I try, browsers I use, or which link. I'm not sure if it's on Bungies end or Amazon's, though I feel its Amazon's issue. However their FAQ's direct me here. So I'm posting to see if anyone else has the issue and if they did anything to solve it. If it's just part of the AWS systems going down and I just need to be patient then I understand. I just figured it would be resolved within the time period (few days) I've already given it to try again.

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